Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fixin' the finger

I had a hard time deciding whether to put this picture up... but its the least dramatic of them all. This picture is of a gentleman who was working on the tunnel San Fransisco here... a rock slide nearly severed his finger. There are several men who come in each week from the tunnel work crew with a variety of injuries. Do let me know, for the non-medical people, if this photo is a little too much.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

So I am working

So I am actually now in Shell working... basically q3 (every third night) in the small 3-room ER. Am seeing lots of fever and diarrhea, ascaris-induced pancreatitis, trauma, deliveries, ect.

My favorite person on the floor this week is Moises, 13 year-old boy who fell out of a tree with an armed weapon while hunting a tasty rodent. The firearm exploded on inpact and shot bullets into his leg and thigh. Today I helped put in his skin grafts. The cutest person on the floor this week is a 1.2kg, 2 day-old baby girl (no name yet), product of a 33 week-old gestation in a severely preeclamptic 23 year-old mother who was finaly induced. The bravest person of the week is definately Don Carlos M., cachectic 48 year-old gentleman with terminal colon cancer who comes in every day for his 8mg of morphine and dressing of his developing abcesses vs fistulas (no more surgery in his case). He always smiles for me and today he came in with glaring white sneakers that his wife had just bought to encourage walking.

Sorry for the unusual narrative. Will try to be more traditional next time.

My friend the bug

I was reading Bendiceme Ultima (great book by Rudolfo Ayana) in my hammock one morning when I noticed I was no longer alone. Here's who was sharing my personal space. Very cute. By the way, if you are, perchance, looking for classic Ecuadorian literatute, try Cumanda by Juan Leon Mera (my current read). Many streets and buslines named after the author. He's something special.

Taller than Everest

So this is my favorite view (thus far) of the tallest point from the center of the earth. Don't have the numbers on me, but "Google it" and you too will discover this nugget of truth. Shawna first read this to me from her guide book several weeks ago and since then I've been proudly sharing it with anyone who listens. Now that includes you.

Burdened with gifts

This space is saved for my commentary on our follow up trip to the communities (particularly Apunag, Gaunan, Shanuaycu, and Puuhuaipamba). Still slacking about writting it all. But patience and it will come. :) love to you all. pri

Sra. Mishqui

This is the beautiful Sra. Mishqui, currently thirty-some, wife of Segundo Andres Mishqui and mother to her 8yo neice Maira. Lovely woman, very generous, cooks great cuye (guinnea pig) and potato soup.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Field Visits

Again in Apunag, we made our way on our house visits... but it seemed like only the very old or young folk were at home. Where were they? In the fields of course. By 7am every morning everyone is working. So Simona, Socorro and I made our way to where everyone was. Here we are visiting with some gentlemen in the potato and barley fields. After each visit were we given many gifts, namely potatoes and raw eggs.

Mother and Child

In Apunag, a community of some 60 homes, two hours or so outside of Riobamba, Socorro and her 2mo son, were our guides. Clambering up and down the mountain at such an altitude, I sometimes felt faint... but not this young lady. What is interesting, is that though the landscape is composed of massive mountains covered in dull velvety colors, the Quichua people love intense colors and clothing. Red, the color of blood and sacrifice, is a favorite.