Sunday, September 21, 2014

Familia Ribeiro Reunião

Yeah! Not just one family reunion this summer, but we had a second! The Ribeiros and their 4 languages converged on 1217 Wharton St for a week of playing, eating, sleeping and conversing together. Thanks to Pai, Mãe, Ana, Valeshka, Alexandra, Matt, Adrita, Isabella, Benjamin, Liliana, Amelia, Ruth for enriching our lives with their presence. And thanks for all your help! We didn't run the dishwasher even once :)

Knights preparing to fight dragons!

Cooling off in the back yard with cousins

Taking a ride on the trolley to the zoo--first time for the Snead and Noel-Saint kids

Oma and our youngest of Ribeiros

Priscila showing the little ones how the ropes are done--@ 7 months pregnancy 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Family reunited in Japan, children alive

Sounds like a news headline :)
Posting a few pictures from our family reunion in Japan August 14-20 (too short, so we stayed till the 24th; still too short, but Daniel had work. . . ). This was probably our last time all together in Japan. Bittersweet is the best english word i can think of right now. . . . We are thankful to especially to 'Jichan' and 'Bachan' Cummings and to everyone else in the family who came to Nojiri. We love you!

the Stout kids and Han at the tennis courts

Luke and Ema at amazing ramen-ya; Luke had a daily diet of ramen that week. And he lives in Japan! Not fair!
Once i mentioned literature was discouraged for young children, Caleb was the first to start reading aloud

Eli and Gabriel at the beach. Pri thinks this shows why he's confused as a girl. i think this reinforces his Brazilian skin comparison
More discouraged practice in action. This time, Jichan is with Zeke and Paul
the 'Balea' and Bachan with Zeke
The responsible pair for all this fun and mayhem

the Clan. Calvin, Edie and a whole passel of others