Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Preparation and anticipation

Beautiful dolls prepared by a knitting circle in Waterdown, Ontario. They gave us almost 200 dolls to take back to our patients in Kalukembe! These dolls were so fun for our patients before. Such a great and creative idea; we are so glad to be a vehicle for these gifts

It's been a while since we put anything on here, but plenty has been happening this last year in the States! No, no baby announcement, but we are anticipating returning soon to Kalukembe. We have had some delays in applying for visas, but we hope to have everything in tomorrow. And next we hope it will just take a few weeks for our applications to be reviewed and approved. No hard and fast dates yet, but watch this space!

After Daniel finished working in Delaware in April, we went on a trip through western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario and western New York to visit supporters, friends and family (and all three-in-one). Then we visited our organization's headquarters for a few days and Priscila's sister's family a few more days in Texas, returning a week ago. In all the travels, we've still had time to make special connections with people, go hiking as a family and even celebrate Zeke's birthday on the road multiple times. Thank you to everyone we saw, and we are sorry we missed others of you who's places we went through or were close to. We would love to see you, too! Hopefully next time.

We are eager to return to Angola. We hear a little from our colleagues there, but it's hard to picture how things are moving on the ground. . . are there enough medicines for the patients? How are our friends and colleagues doing? Anyways, we have heard of some changes but don't know what kind of impact those have had until we get back. Please remember Kalukembe and us in prayer as we anticipate a return soon!

Priscila between Tia Malita and Tio John Vanderkruk in Ontario, Canada.  
With friends, the Sytsmas and Theules, in Grand Rapids, MI. Our kids are the normal looking ones. Ha ha. 

The two lovely ladies of the Cummings family enjoying an intimate story together in Texas (spoiler: most likely one about princesses, horses or unicorns)

Kids hiking in Pennypack park, Philadelphia. Beautiful forest!

L to R: Eliel, Zeke and cousin Han: displaying their treasure haul from upstream. Funny, in Kalukembe we worry about diseases like schistosomiasis and amebas around the water; in Philadelphia, we worry about fish hooks, broken bottles and sharp objects inflicting injury in the water. There is no risk-free place, I guess, and each place also carries much joy and wonder for our kids.

Jiichan (Grandpa) Cummings cutting up the watermelon our kids and cousins broke up in "suica-wari" (a Japanese game using the watermelon like a piƱata) on Memorial Day.

Digging for fossils with Bella and Uncle Matt in Texas.