Saturday, August 17, 2019

Return to Kalukembe 2019

We are back home in Kalukembe and are so glad to be here as a family, caring for our neighbors, sharing our animals, cleaning up our house, and learning through so many venues God provides.

Animal Assisted Therapy: bringing our rabbits to the pediatrics ward!

Students from our most recent seminar, "Where there is no doctor" that Dr. Nick Comninellis taught. The course was very well received and the nurses from our remote clinics benefited most from this continuing medical education. We hope that another seminar can be arranged in December. If you have interest in teaching nurse clinicians, let us know!

Our kids and friends climbing the banks of our local creek with our friend Dr. Steve Collins visiting

We've re-started our Fistula Program... some ladies have been waiting patiently all year, others have come recently. 

Family and friends: kids are starting back in school, also joined by our dear friend Luis