Monday, October 10, 2005

World Cup Mania

So the 2006 World Cup celebration has officially begun for Ecuador. Tying the game with Uruguay this weekend meant Ecuador has now officially qualified... for the second time in history! This guy, like Duther and I, was there at the game to document the craziness. Brasil (of course) and Argentina (ugh) are also qualified.
See you in Germany, 2006?

Dra. Priscila

I guess sometimes I can be helpful. Here, still in Charapacocha, I played doctor with the help of Dr. Steve, diagnosing cutanous larva migranes, listening to pulmonary tuberculosis, considering leshminiasis, and treating lots of pain, impetigo, and other bad "bichos."

Prayer in Charapacocha

Charapacocha is a Shuar community that has been touched by the waves of falcipirum malaria sweeping north from the jungles of Peru. Doctor Steve, Nurse Elisabeth, Pastor Herman, and Medical Student me were there last week doing malaria tests and running a clinic there. While there, Pastor Herman also led the church and its children in prayer. I know I should follow suit. But when I speak are you listening? Jeremiah 29:12-13