Monday, October 10, 2005

World Cup Mania

So the 2006 World Cup celebration has officially begun for Ecuador. Tying the game with Uruguay this weekend meant Ecuador has now officially qualified... for the second time in history! This guy, like Duther and I, was there at the game to document the craziness. Brasil (of course) and Argentina (ugh) are also qualified.
See you in Germany, 2006?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pri,
The pictures are wonderful. Hope you continue to have an amazing experience. Take care. Much love, vu :)

Allison said...

Hi Priscila,

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing the insight into your life--and for the pictures, too. Blessings to you, my friend.

And of course,
Go Ecuador!

Courtney said...

I want to be there!!!!!! Now I'm very jealous.

Joseph Dougherty said...

HEY!! What's wrong with Argetina? Go Boca Jrs!!

Merry Lin said...

Your delight in the people and joy of serving shines through. God's gift of love flows on through you. My cousin worked in Ecuador 2 years in the Peace Corp in a remote mountain village. They sent her there alone! Her "home" was in something like a church belfry tower. Bathrooms were any handy bush. She worked to improve farming practices. She brought many garden vegetable seeds with her. She taught them to make clay ovens that replaced open fires that left the cooks with red, irritated eyes. And she arranged for a well to be drilled so women didn't have to walk a mile for water. Emails and the web were not in wide use yet so contact was by regular mail. Wish I knew where she was posted.

The hat in the picture reminds me of the "Four Winds" hats of the Laps. Wish I had bought one when we were there.
M&D from CRC