Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Follow up & cia

Here's a follow up photo of one of the gentlemen from our blog post back in May. He's responding well to anti-tuberculosis treatment :) Glad to see improvement! And following are a few pictures from the last few weeks. We will go next week to Chiulo hospital as a family; after being there alone earlier this month, Daniel is very excited about the prospect of going with Pri and Zeke.

probable TB rash, receiving medicines
TB rash, before the medicines
This girl from Chiulo hospital uses her mosquito net in a fashionable way

Overflow patients to the pediatric ward at Chiulo mission hospital. Daniel spent a week there at the beginning of the month as the sole medicine and pediatrics doctor; the under 5 Peds ward had over 130 children, Measles ward had 12-15, and another 80-90 medical patients were on Men's and Women's wards. Long days of rounding! 
Zeke digging the new high chair lent to him