Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tributes con't

Another tribute to the good mothers of the world, from my ever expanding collection.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blue Footed Bobbies

Can you imagine what sort of creature has these funny looking feet? Even my artsy sister Ruthie would be proud to walk in these shoes. God, you're pretty darn creative! A picture from Ashley and my adventure at the Isla de La Plata, the poor mans Galapagos. Where the birds are charming and you can charm the director of the park.

Goodby Apunag

On a whirlwind goodby visit to the Chimborazo communities I fell in love with, I saw this lovely lady again. A little shy, but nonetheless gorgeous.

Volcan Tugurahua and Cotopaxi

Summiting Cotopaxi, the largest active volcano in the world with Dan, Kevin, Phillipe (ya'll are wonderful) and the nasty guides! Tungurahua was in the distance. My first moutain climb: now am officially an addict for more.

So driving past Baños last week we could see that Tugurahua was a little angry. Last time there was anything serious, in 1999, the entire town was evacuated of its then 20,000 residents.

Chapada dos Guimarâes

A beautiful 100meter waterfall in the center of south america (Brasil) surrounded by red cliffs of sedementary rock and deep green untouched valleys. Consider yourself (ok, myself) lucky to have been there and been guided by a local tough guy, Senhor Waldir Davene de Sousa, Jr and his sidekick Thiago.