Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Other images of Japan

Japan, September 2-21

These past 3 weeks, we travelled to 日本 (Japan) for Pri and 和男s (Kazuo's)first visit. A lot of firsts, including first Shinkansen ride; first Pino ice-cream; first breast-feeding at Ginkakuji (one of the Kyoto's main temple gardens); first view of the 日本 Sea; first time to Nojiri lake; first onsen bathing; first time to meet Daniel's friends; and many more! We will miss this beautiful country and our amazing friends (especially all the bachans/grandmas loving on Zeke). We will miss our family here. We will miss incredible hospitality and generosity of everyone. And we will pray for hearts to be softened by the good news of Gospel.

We are excited for our journey to Itajuba, Brazil that will take us, Lord willing, to the end of November. We wonder what they will think of the seaweed we are bringing. . . .

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