Sunday, September 21, 2014

Familia Ribeiro Reunião

Yeah! Not just one family reunion this summer, but we had a second! The Ribeiros and their 4 languages converged on 1217 Wharton St for a week of playing, eating, sleeping and conversing together. Thanks to Pai, Mãe, Ana, Valeshka, Alexandra, Matt, Adrita, Isabella, Benjamin, Liliana, Amelia, Ruth for enriching our lives with their presence. And thanks for all your help! We didn't run the dishwasher even once :)

Knights preparing to fight dragons!

Cooling off in the back yard with cousins

Taking a ride on the trolley to the zoo--first time for the Snead and Noel-Saint kids

Oma and our youngest of Ribeiros

Priscila showing the little ones how the ropes are done--@ 7 months pregnancy 

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