Thursday, December 29, 2005

Regional Airport

So Alex and I were waiting at the Macuma regional airport for a flight out of the town, but due to fuel shortages we were told there would be no flights until sometime the following week. So instead of a 30min flight to our desitnation, we would be walking 5-6 hours though the jungle and taking a 4-5 hour bus ride home. Here you have a sick Ingeneira Alex bemoaning the possiblity of the hike.


Anonymous said...

A tough hike... but just think, some people pay extra to be allowed to hike through the jungle! Think of all the cool pictures you could take along the way!

Daniel and Priscila Cummings said...

but joe with the dust, mud and rain - my digital camera went caput!.... :(

Anonymous said...

Ugh. You really walked through the jungle for 6 hrs? What an experience! Are the monkeys swinging from the trees?
ann vz