Saturday, January 28, 2006

Faviola of Lupaxi Grande

Faviola is a 24 year old woman who likely has multiple sclerosis. Despite the many tragedies in her life (the onset of her disease two years ago, the death of her baby three months ago, abandonment by husband two months back, and her near complete immobility) she is a strong woman. I've visited her a couple of times and have met her mother (foreground), who is a dedicated caretaker, despite her many other responsibilities as a member of a subsistence farming family.
picture by Bonnie Chen


Augustus Nicodemus said...


what a wonderful working you are doing! I'm proud to be you uncle! Keep going! May the Lord bless and support you always!

tio Guga

Anonymous said...

Hi Pri!
I just wanted to thank you por las palabras y mensajes que me has dejado. I'm sorry that I've not been around. I've just spent some time catching up on your blogs from January & February. I thank God for you, for your heart, your smile. Estoy orando por ti, por todas las cosas obvias, y las cosas mas escondidas, que Dios te sostenga y bendiga, mi amiga linda.