Monday, August 06, 2012

Daniel at Dondi

Mother and child at Dondi Mission hospital
Steve Collins, operating on a patient with cataracts (over 100 operations in 2 weeks at Dondi)

Patient in bed, after her surgery

 A happy patient the morning after the operation, able to see her daughter again

AK-47 shells: remnants of the war in Huambo province

I visited Dondi Mission Hospital for two weeks last month. While i saw patients with general medical problems, Steve Collins cared for patients with eye complaints (the main reason for our trip). Until the mid-1970's, the mission maintained a seminary, agricultural school, leprosy mission, TB sanitorium, nursing and lab training schools, an international school, animal husbandry and a busy hospital servicing an area close to 2 million people. All this was destroyed during the civil war; now, a Bible school and girl's school are all that remain. 

It's a beautiful area, with even more beautiful people we met through our work there. And we pray that, with time, help for the people of the area will be restored.

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