Thursday, July 23, 2015

The fighting family visits Kalukembe

We visited today Kalukembe, met the new head of nursing, the new administrator and briefly looked at some of the changes at the hospital. We also were given a tour of our likely new home! After arriving, Zeke immediately wanted to know where his friends were and who would help him fight the "bad guys!" It was a good reminder to us 1) how outgoing Zeke is--he found local children to swing sticks together without any problem, and 2) the imagination of a 4-year-old is incredible: Priscila especially had been talking with Zeke about our return to Kalukembe these last 2 years and the "bad guys" we'd be fighting together. What we meant were the "bad guy" sicknesses, the "bad guy" injustices we saw against our patients, the "bad guy" poverty in our area, and other problems that don't nicely manifest as physical beings a child could shake a stick at. Zeke took them to be walking and talking and was ready to do battle after 2 years of mental preparation and take these guys down. Love his heart. 

Priscila sharing our new contact information with old friends 
Eli caught wanting to "share" someone else's lunch

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