Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Returning to Angola from vacation

Though it was almost 6 weeks, our time in America breezed by quickly and we are airplane-, airline- and airport-hopping our way back to Angola. We were blessed by many, including time with family on both our sides; colleagues at Christiana; City Line church; Chinese Gospel Church; friends in Philly and Pittsburgh; and even a last minute opportunity to share at West Chester Chinese Evangelical Church.

Can't ever say i am fully ready and prepared for the type of work we do, but we are refreshed in spirit and continue our term in Kalukembe. Eliel and Naomi speak a few more English words, Priscila's CME is up to date, and she even has a beautiful new haircut.

One thing brought to my attention while back was some hesitation of friends to share their struggles and concerns with us. . . something we heard along the lines of, "well, what i'm going through is nothing to what you deal with over there." Perhaps the scale of suffering is more severe because the consequences hinge much more on survival, but it never was our intent to be in a business of life comparisons and gain high "holier than others" marks. i'm very glad the Bible never presents a point system for our suffering: like an 85 for metastatic cancer, or a 40 for a divorce, and perhaps a 5 if the door slams on your thumb. It's all before God suffering and, like Psalm 130, ought to generate a cry to Him. As our Father, it's what he wants us to do. So, i hope we never discourage others from laying their burdens before God, seeing he cares even for the minutiae in our lives as we should hold each other in them as well.

till next time, more pictures!

Tia Ruth reading with the cousins, Lily and Bella

Eliel climbing some rock in Philly, with Uncle Caleb!

Fishing in Canada with Chantal

hiking and camping in northern PA

Beautiful fall foliage

Reading with Baachan Cummings and cousin Leia

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