Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thanks together

Ok, i think we left our last post with something about struggles. But struggles are not all we experience. We all have struggles, no doubt. But man, there are many things to look around and and be so very thankful for. Like looking at rays of light and tracing them to their sources, we are thankful for our Maker who made an incredibly beautiful world. Wanna share a few rays of light with you; and without your partnership in this endeavor of love, we could NOT be here, witnessing God's blessing and glory. Thanks, Sister! Thanks, Brother! We treasure your presence in spirit with us. (And if you didn't receive a letter of thanks from us recently, good chance it was in a bag of our colleague which got ransacked by airport authorities--to their shame, because we only included beautiful drawings done by our young friends here. i think they made off with a whopping $10, which was to be for postage).

Visit to Chitutu clinic this month. Patients waiting for consults benefited from health discussion facilitated by our friend and colleague, Petra Jobse. A great encouragement to see many people participate and receive care. We keep hoping and praying for improving access to health services for people in rural communities around Kalukembe. This clinic is a small, affirmative step realizing that.

This mother came for prenatal care in April to Chitutu, having suffered to see 3 babies die shortly after birth. She acted on advice to stay near Kalukembe hospital from the month prior to her due date. After having a cesarean delivery in July, she is here with a healthy boy at one month! A real joy to witness a healthy baby and we hope he continues to grow into a healthy child. We are hoping in the future to fix up a home in the patient villa next to the hospital for expectant mothers like this woman to stay in. 
The Chitutu visit from Zeke's perspective. He came out with us for the day to Chituto clinic and was given the camera to document his experience. . . interesting to "see" from his perspective--looking at peoples' feet and table legs, grass, tree stumps, etc. He later participated in history taking from the ladies who came for prenatal visits. He got pretty good at asking about pain, fetal movement, any bleeding or pain. . . lots of fun to have with us!

Student nurses posing with patients-turned-artists. These kids have been rays of light; and not just because they recovered from their illnesses (2 with osteomyelitis, one with a parotid tumor). They joyful demeanor, cheerful smiles always gave me delight to visit them and see their progress.
Perhaps you saw this on FB already. . . but was lots of fun for me to get an animated refresher on peripartum emergencies by my favorite partner! Dr. Nicholas Comninellis (of INMED) and Priscila gave CME talks to nurses on a range of topics the end of July. Through partnership with the Fistula Foundation and others like you, we have been able bring nurses to Kalukembe for a couple days of continuing education. We usually receive good opportunities to discuss management and diagnostic challenges the nurses face in their clinics.

Eliel with his buddies. Energetic to sometimes exhaustion for me, but these kids are a part of our lives and share in its joys with us.

Opportunity to train: Priscila with Rosy, who is learning to perform obstetrical ultrasounds. Through partnership with Hope for Our Sisters, free prenatal ultrasounds were extended to 31 ladies in an area over 120km from the nearest hospital with surgical services: Kalukembe hospital where we serve.
Somebody's crazy kids in dad's consultation room. Definitely rays of light. But don't tell them that--might get to their heads.

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