Friday, September 27, 2019

Coping with loss, living with hope.

We gain lots of things coming here, including the experience of loss. Eliel, just days before his 6th birthday, had fallen in love with his sweet Bunny. He tenderly cared for him, hunted for green leaves even in dry season, and would share stories and draw pictures of his friend every day. Suddenly Bunny took ill, and in a matter of hours we watched Bunny die, helpless and disbelieving. After local fashion, we buried him on the same day, surrounded by friends, there to help carry Elie's grief. It's been several weeks now, and Eliel still talks about Bunny, his memories. Death, very real to us, continues to be ever present. But today, as I sit here listening to the deafening pounding of first rains and the shouts of joyful children, I'm hopeful. We are thirsty: He is the Living Water.

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