Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Photos by Art

Amidst all his camera equipment, Artur used doll "stuffings" that have been given to our patients on the Children's ward. Hurray for early Christmas presents!

We had the pleasure of two visitors last week: Dr. Laura Smelter from Christian Health Service Corps and Artur Gajda, a cinematographer from Canada. Though the focus of Artur's trip was capturing videos of Kalukembe's story and our experience there, he did take a few stills. These are just a few to share with you now. I am amazed how with an artist's eye, these pictures tell the story of our community and its beautiful people in ways our words struggle to describe. His website is found by clicking here
Men in traction treatment for their long bone fractures on Men's ward

Zeke and Priscila walking in the patient villa
Antonio Chijenge, the leprosy program nurse. 

Daniel Pascal, one of our OR instrumentists/casting techs/minor proceduralists/etc. 
Children looking in on the nursing, lab and Bible school graduation that was celebrated last Sunday 
Neonate with skin infection on Maternity ward.
Priscila with fistula patients and family members on Women's ward. 
Priscila with EF, celebrating together a successful recovery from surgery 

Nurses Daniel, Rosie and Fedi in our ICU and preparing the "paozitos," which are cotton rolled onto sticks that are then sterilized and used for cleaning wounds or preparing skin for procedures.
Thanks, Artur! 

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