Thursday, May 18, 2023

2022 in Review

In the end, it seems it was yesterday that we started on this journey. Thank you for walking with us. My treatment is done and my chemotherapy port has been removed. I spoke with my oncologist and he kindly gave me some recommendations and said we could do our next follow-up as a telehealth visit. There is still lots of unknowns. Questions like will this cancer recur? What complications will come up later? How long should our next term in Angola be? But oh how I am glad to be able to play basketball with the boys and not be out of breath. To have Naomi brush my own hair. To start thinking about how I can actively participate in community - here and in Angola. It's not just spring out there... its in my heart too. 

So we are planning to be returning to Angola this year, focusing on a medical education and maternal health project. The kids are celebrating the end of a wonderful school year and looking forward to family reunions this summer and being reunited with friends and our beloved Chibi (our dog) shortly thereafter. We will share some of that news soon. 

Neo adjuvant chemotherapy countdown.

Loving family with Opa and Oma.

At the school Mathmagician show!

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