Saturday, August 06, 2005

Almost mama kangaroo

This is the way they Quichua women carry their children. The ladies of one of the villages we were in kindly taught me how! Este es la maneira que las senhoras Quichua cariegan sus hijos. Una de las senhoras me enseno.


sarah said...

wow priscila, I am so excited for you having the opportunity to work in Ecuador. I am also excited that you are FINALLY posting on your blog;)
Keep it up, especially the pictures!

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite picture dear!
loveyou so much. Praying for you as always.
beijos mom

Cinthia said...

prikinha!!! nossa grande "half-and-half"!!! my family doctor!!! saudade de vc, garota! muito legal seu blog! agora eu posso track you down! beijos!