Thursday, August 18, 2005

Technical Text

These last two weeks have involved data gathering for an epidemiologic evaluation of communities with and those without clean water projects. The goal of the project is to verify the effectiveness of HCJB's Communitee Development Program's clean water projects in improving the health of the kids in the Quichua communities. The team currently consists of two medical students (including me), five undergraduates, several local community development workers, one family practice doc, and one epidemiologist. Our days began by driving to a given communittee, setting up a registration table, mini-clinic, and several interview stations (there the undergraduates do the public health questionare). My responsibilities were, for the most part, registering the children and doing occasional physical exams and hom visits. I will be returning to these communities in several weeks to treat the kids that have parasites. As of now we only have supplies for the children enrolled in the study (one child between the ages of 1 and 5 per family). We are hoping that perhaps the Ministry of Health (who we are working with), the Department of Indigenous Services (who we have spoken to) or the UN (which has shown interest), might be able to supply us with meds to treat all the children of these communities.

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