Sunday, August 21, 2005

Waiting. Planning?

Right now my life revolves around bland* administrative work in Quito, namely comming up with community tallies, sorting out what medication regimen we will use, figuring out where we'll get the meds, wondering when I'll get my visa sorted, ect. I'm living in one of the upstairs bedrooms of an Ecuadorian lady who often takes on boarders. Its just across the street from HCJB, so I just have to roll out of bed to go to work. Sadly, I see very little of my land lady, who insists on calling me "Dr.Ribeiro" (she says she has to get used to it) or the compadre of elderly pastors from Spain who are here on a miraculous healing campaign. I've have met few other HJCB people but fortunately have taken up the use of Quito's great public transportation system (including buses, trollies, metro-trollies, taxies, and of course my own two feet). The most lovely trips, however, have been Duther's rooftop guide of Quito's cafes.

The hope and plan is for me to leave on Wednesday after I'm handed over a package of Praziquantel, a gift from some doc on the Onchocerciasis team.

* "Bland" b/c compared to field work and medicine, paperwork and the sterile, square computer head humming at me are empty and without personality. But of course it is all very important!

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